Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dear Allaya,

Thanks for taking my call last night.  You were just the right person for me to talk to, even though I was pretty mad at what I thought was a royal clusterfrack on Verizon's part. 

As you correctly noted, I've been a loyal customer in good standing since 2002, after having jumped ship from Sprint because I could never get a signal in my own apartment at the time.  In fact, I recently started paying your employer even more money every month after finally retiring my 3.5-year-old Razr that wouldn't hold a charge longer than two hours, and upgrading to a Droid and data plan so I can be constantly joined at the dysfunctional hip to the Web or e-mail, or use the CTA's life-altering GPS system to see just how long I have to sprint to catch the bus or risk waiting another 30 minutes in the cold.

So I wasn't too impressed when I got my latest bill and just about had a coronary when I saw that Verizon wanted to charge me an extra $98 for data roaming fees in Canada.  It appears that the previous customer rep to whom I spoke didn't know that "I'll be in Canada from this date to this date" meant that she actually had to put that info into your system so I wouldn't be charged crazy-ass data fees when I was north of the 42nd parallel.  Instead, the global data plan was on my phone for just one day - the day before I left for my trip

I appreciated your professional demeanor as I declined your first and second attempts to pacify me with a wholly unsatisfactory partial credit.  And even though I had to really push to get the full $85 credit that I was expecting (as I know I would have paid $13 had I actually been on the plan I requested), I'm grateful that you saw things my way in the end, and that you were willing to make it happen.

As I said, I don't envy you your job, because I'm sure it's the pits when you probably have multiple d-bags raging on and on at you every day.  I like to think that I was not one of them by remaining as calm and polite as possible.  As I saw things, it would've been pointless to ruin your night when it was really one of your colleagues who mucked things up in the first place.  Keep up the good work, and thanks for making things right.


P.S.  Is that Verizon iPhone thing really happening?

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