Friday, November 19, 2010


Back in the 80s, before the dawn of the Web age that now gives us easy access to pictures of celebrities to shamelessly steal, re-post and fawn over, pre-teens like me used to cut photos of movie or TV stars out of trashy magazines and keep them in a scrapbook, post them on bedroom walls, or do whatever it is that hormone-infested teens and pre-teens do with pictures of their idols. 

Scenes from my childhood, part 1

The setting:  The family dining room.  A sunny afternoon.  My twelve-year-old self has been going through my ritual of looking through magazines and picking out favorite photos, with my sister seated at the opposite end of our long table.

Sister:  "I think it's strange that you only have pictures of men.  Look, you've got Tom Cruise, Tom Selleck, Harrison Ford - why don't you have pictures of any women?"

Me:  "But I do have pictures of women."

Cue hurried scrambling through masses of hunky movie and TV star photos.

Me:  "See?  Here's Dolly Parton."