Thursday, December 9, 2010


I get a lot of crap in the mail.  It definitely helped that I signed up on some do-not-mail list a couple of years ago that has prevented me from getting random credit card applications every day, but still, like many others, our mailbox is typically full of marketing junk that I mostly find annoying, particularly from businesses with whom we supposedly have a relationship, tangential or otherwise. 
Like the Lane Bryant flyers I used to get all the time, probably because I spent too much money shopped at Bath and Body Works, and because I like to smell nice moisturize, they assume I am a woman of larger stature.

I also managed to get put onto the Victoria's Secret mailing list for a good chunk of time.  At least Vicky would send me coupons for garments, and since I'm not about to pass up anything for free, even if it is for someone else's benefit, I used to bring them to my former all-women-but-me office, where one of my colleagues was happy to take them off my hands without slapping me.  (You know I'm still talking about the coupons, right?)

At least I figured out that I got put on these lists because these stores are all owned by the same parent company.  Fine, I get it.  Everyone in their marketing department has to earn a living, but clearly someone should be filtering their mailing lists a little better. 

And then there is the surreal junk mail that makes me go - Huh?

Like this lovely gem in today's mail:

I assure you I'm nowhere near the membership age requirement. 

Like I said - Huh?


Unknown said...

you'll still keep the card as a conversation piece, right?

Christopher said...

Nah, it went straight into the shredder after I took the photo. :) I'm sure I'll get another one soon enough. I just wonder if it's my senior citizen shopping habits that got me on the list in the first place...