Sunday, May 15, 2011


(Apologies if you have already seen this, but this is actually a re-posting of something I wrote on Wednesday, before Blogger decided to have a complete system-wide brain fart and erased it.)

It was a relatively quiet weekend, the first that neither of us have had to work in a while, so we took advantage of it and went to see "Water for Elephants," which is based on the book of the same title.



It was fine, but nothing extraordinary.  Maybe something got lost in translation from book to screen.  Not having read the book, I can't say.

But what I will say is that I definitely do not see what apparently most of the world sees in Robert Pattinson (or Taylor Lautner, for that matter).  Maybe it's because I'm not a pre-pubescent teenage girl who screams for Team Edward or Team Jacob, because Pattinson don't do nothing for me.  He just seemed kinda one-note to me throughout the entire thing.  And there was a definite lack of on-screen chemistry between him and Reese.  (But certainly not as bad as the cold-fish romance between Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, even though I love the movie itself.)  But, hey, Rosie the elephant was cool.

And after a dreary Saturday, the sun came out on Sunday, and with it, our first bike ride of the season.  A few miles from us is an extensive bike and running trail through the forest preserves, which goes for about 20 miles each way.   And while it lacks the view - and eye candy - of the Lake Shore bike trail, I enjoy the shaded path and less traffic.  Ten miles round trip wasn't bad for a first-time-for-the-season ride, although I certainly felt the burn in my quads the next day.

And on Monday night, we took in a concert of classical chamber music, put on by the organization for which I used to work.  It was music by French composers, none of whom I was really familiar with, other than the Poulenc trio for trumpet, horn and trombone, which I had heard before, but never played. 

The thing is that I find myself not going for the music.  For me, it's more about the people.  It was my first job out of grad school, and while I had a musical education, I knew nothing about development.  So, I learned everything on the job.  And while it was stressful, and I put in far too many hours for far too little money, I really got to connect with many people, not just colleagues, but also board members and individual audience members.  And every once in a while, I attend a concert because it's like a shot in the arm - still being recognized, despite having left for another job more than four years ago. And though it made a long day even longer, it was still a great way to end it.

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