Monday, February 6, 2012

Update on the Tyler Clementi story

I've written about the suicide of Tyler Clementi here and here, and have been following the story over the past few months.  It still really saddens me that this young man took his life after being cyber-bullied by someone who ridiculed him because he was gay. 

The New Yorker has an impressive, lengthy article, essentially offering a play-by-play on the whole ordeal, the lengths to which Dharun Ravi went to torment his former roommate, and how he tried to cover it up.  It's a worthwhile read, and gives much insight as to what Tyler endured in the months before he jumped off a bridge and killed himself.  While I'm sure he never thought he could cause someone so much pain, Ravi comes across as an arrogant dickhead who deserves prison time and who will - and should - bear this burden for the rest of his life.

There's no doubt that people do stupid things.  Just this morning, I heard a news report about a car - likely with a drunk driver behind the wheel - that entered a highway going the wrong way and crashed, killing three of four passengers in the car, and the driver of a car going the right way.  A man tried to stab someone in a bar who made fun of him for drinking beer in a wine glass, and ended up killing someone else.  Yes, people do stupid things.  Young people do particularly stupid things.  But that doesn't excuse it.  Ravi was a stupid kid who's undoubtedly had to grow up faster than usual, now that he's faced with the prospect of five to ten years in the big house.  I continue to hope that justice will be served in this case, and while it won't bring him back, I hope that Tyler's family gets the peace and closure they deserve.

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